Thinking Inside The Box

September 2, 2011

Shipping art work can be a confusing, time consuming, and nerve wracking experience.  It’s easy to wonder: am I doing this right? We worry that our work will be damaged during shipping, and want to do everything we can to get it there safely.  There are so many considerations, and different types of solutions for different situations. We hope that the information we share here will help you become a happier, more professional and confident shipper.

First, What are the considerations/issues?

  • Protection from impact and handling
  • Insulation from hot and cold temperatures
  • Shifting of contents inside your box(es)
  • Protection of the encaustic surface
  • Identification, labeling, and packing/unpacking instructions
  • Shipping one-way
  • Shipping for return (juried or traveling show)
  • Ease of unpacking, or how to make a gallery love you
  • Boxes for presentation and storage
  • Time vs. Money

All of these topics are covered here- skip on over to the side bar and “Jump to a Topic”.  We’ve got information and solutions.  We’ve talked to other artists, gathered information online, and talked to gallery owners to bring you some current “best practices” for shipping your work safely.  And we’ve created a few tutorials to get you started creating your own presentation boxes, insulated lightweight shipping crates, and custom shipping boxes.

Best of all, you can become part of this conversation, by adding your comments at the end of the blog pages. Let our community know- what works for you?  What have we missed?  Tips and tricks?  New ideas?  Resources?  Shipping blunders or triumphs?

We’ve also included some links to other websites that have art shipping information- if you know of a good link that we have missed, leave it in the comments.

Happy shipping!


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